In Allah We Trust

In Allah We Trust
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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

JAKIM need to do more: Most Malays Drink, Commit Adultery but cannot eat pig?

We know that a lot of Muslims in Malaysia are considered as non-practicing Muslims. For example, if you go to Changkat Bukit Bintang Kuala Lumpur, during a Saturday night. Most probably 40% of the crowds dancing and drinking in the clubs are Muslims.

Not that we have any problem for any one to have fun, but JAKIM need to get their facts right. Muslims in Malaysia also need to understand the real problem that is happening in their community. Pigs DNA is not the main problem. The main problem are their way of thinking.

Just imagine in Malaysia, Mat Rempits are ruling the streets, drug abuse and also baby dumping is prone in the Muslim community. This also includes problem such as incest, statutory rape and many more social problems derived from the Muslims community.

We are really sorry if our statements hurt the feelings of our Muslims friends. But this is the truth. Muslims or Malays are the majority in Malaysia. If they are in the slums because of their way of thinking, how can we develop the nation together? We need the Malay Muslims to step up to the challenge against all racial stereotype that all Malay Muslims are religious bigots or Mat Rempit and Bohsia.

We feel that it is in our best interest to show you the real problems that is occurring in the Malay Muslim community.

They need to understand that their relationship with God, doesnt only convey in their practice of Islam. Not eating pork, hatred for dogs and wearing too much clothing is the practice of Islam. But do you understand the essence of Islam itself?

Why are the Muslims restricting themselves with practices instead of values. To our understanding, Muhammad the Prophet was a very good human being. He took care of his people. He even married old widows in order to take care of them. He cared for the non-Muslims too. He is the epitome of a good Muslim. Why aren't the Muslims in Malaysia follow his lead.

Muhammad should be a role model for all Muslims as Jesus Christ for Christians. Muslims should look at Muhammad's teaching for guidance. We can live in harmony if we just follow our religious idols.

Why can't Muslims look up to Saladin, the general who took over Jerusalem from us? He was a chivalrous knight. He did not kill innocents and he respected Christianity and acknowledge it existence as one of the most influential religion in the world.

Muslims in Malaysia and in the whole world are forgetting about the true principle of Islam and how Islam should be practice. The existence of religious extremist is a problem that all of us have to face. Even Christianity have their own bad examples. But we as a nation, have to understand that we are what we want to be.

Step up to the challenge my Muslims brothers. You should have the ability to change yourself, not for the betterment of Islam, but also the betterment of our country.

We should not let people in organization like PAS, JAKIM or JAIS or any religious authority dictates our view of the world.  We should stand united with our similarities instead of falling apart thinking of our differences.

Teach your children not just about the wrath of Allah. Teach them about the love and peace that Allah's promote in the Al-Quran. The Al-Quran is a good book of wisdom that everyone can take as a guidance. We've read it from time to time and we found out that the Muslims in Malaysia are letting the religious zealots dictates them. Even though Allah said things differently.

Esther Lee Chong Kam
Klang, Selangor Darul Ehsan.

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