In Allah We Trust

In Allah We Trust
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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Jason Lo and the religion on our I.C. fiasco.

Its been a while since the fourth floor boys made any comments about whats going on in Malaysia. But then again, when they speak about something, we should verify whether the statement were made for the benefit of all Malaysians or they are just rambling things that even they do not understand.

If the government ever remove the word Islam, Christian, Buddha, Hindu in Malaysian's identity card, will it ever make any major significance?
Yes its true that nowadays, even non-Muslims (with Islamic family relations) are suffering at the hands of these so called RELIGIOUS DEPT. But then again most of these departments are lead by Pakatan Rakyat. PR is supposed to be the beacon of hope. What is going on here?

Well we do pity Zarina Abdul Majid (the Hindu Bride), Nyonya Tahir (the elderly Buddhist) and Lina Joy for being prosecuted by all these RELIGIOUS DEPT. JAIS, JAWI, JAIPP, JAIK etc..... However, we should not look at the fact that Muslims were prosecuted by their own religion long before others.

Can you choose your religion? I believe yes. Others cannot compelled you to believe in something that you do not understand or agree. Hence the concept of faith is coined up by our belief system which was derived from our ancestors who knew about the supernatural aspect of God by a messenger.

Regardless if you believe in Jesus Christ and the holy trinity, Allah and Muhammad, or any God or Goddes that emerged in any religion, others cannot compel you what to do.

Faith is not something enforced, it can be nurtured but at the end of the day, you believe what you want to believe. Not it is fallen upon us that the JAIS is giving it all to ensure that all Muslims stays Muslim. Even if they were tricked by their own father who had just abandoned them after converting to Islam.

I mean, if you want to convert, you should accept the fact that you need to tell your family about the conversion. Even though Zarina Abdul Majid is named as a Muslim, but she does not believe in Allah or Muhammad. She believe;'s the god and goddess of Hinduism.

We all know that Muhammad the Prophet was a good person, even during the enforcement of Hudud, he did not force anyone to accept the punishment. There was one time when a pregnant women said to Him that she was pregnant out of wedlock. Muhammad did not punish her, instead He asked the women to go back and have the baby first. He did not send any men to go and guard the woman, the woman could have walked free. But because of her fear of Allah, she came back to Muhammad and ask to be punished according to the rules of Hudud. Once again the Muslim Prophet Muhammad ask her to go back and nurture her child. After the child was of two years old, the woman came back to Muhammad and ask again to be punish.

JAIS and all the other J's should learn from their own prophet. Muhammad never compelled anyone to believe him. He never enforced someone to follow His rules. He even have mercy on those who had wronged him. Why can't Muslims in this day and age look up to him and follow his footsteps?

Jesus Christ our lord and savior did the same. He did not punish people, He educates them, He takes care of them, and most important of all He loves them.

In each and every religion, God has made the rules and regulation clear for us to follow. The problem here is not the religion itself, but the followers of the religion.

Should we abolish Islam/Christian/Hindu/Buddhist in the I.C.?I think not, because it is the proclamation of our faith. Too bad, instead of teaching the people about Islam, they ransacked people's weddings, conduct raids (Khalwat), catching Muslims drinking beer in pubs and best of all they think that they are doing God's work.

For us in CU4M, we pity our Muslims brother and sister, that was brought upon us by Corrupted Government Officials.

P.S: I don't know why TS Khalid Ibrhaim did not mentioned anyting at all. He is the Islamic Religious Exco for God sake. Too buzy pointing their fngers at UMNO members they forgot to take care of their own back yard.

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