In Allah We Trust

In Allah We Trust
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Sunday, December 22, 2013

The Malaysian Crusade: Take Down BN For The Rise Of Christian In Malaysia.

We know that UMNO and Barisan Nasional is not doing a very good job at governing the country. We need to understand that all the component parties in Barisan Nasional is getting restless due to many of their bad decision in trying to make our country hospitable for every religion.

They failed miserably not because they are insincere about their intention. The failed because they were unclear about what kind of Malaysia do they want this country to be. And can Islam the official religion of this country can strive to be a watchful big brother to all other religion?

We understand the conundrum that the government has to face, however, we believe that Christianity would be a better replacement to Islam as it has been shown in many countries. We are better off with the freedom and compassion that Christian gives rather than the hatred that is shown by many Muslims towards other religion.

Even the rights of the Bumi's will be much more rational if Christianity is accepted by the Malays the majority in this country.

But then again, how can we take down a GIANT as big as Barisan Nasional. Even in the two election which we saw BN at its lowest, still we failed to change the country for a better government.


David was the one who defeated Goliath in one of the most epic battle in Christian History. A small men was able to defeat a towering GIANT. He even did it with a single stone!

Waging an all out war with the Muslims in this country would prove detrimental for us as we are are just a small community. And we the admin of CU4M believe that we can take our small number as an added advantage to our cause. Smaller numbers means more efficient soldiers rather than having a big number but consist of stowaways and slackers. 


We need all Christian Malaysian to discard their beliefs of racism and hatred. We need to convert more Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu and Pagan believer. We must let them feel the love that Christ has given us. We must make them understand that Christ is the only saviour and protector. They must be willing to accept Christ in their hearts, mind and soul. Christ will grant them salvation. 

Yet we are so close but so far. We gave thanks to the missionaries who had come a long way hundreds of years ago to enlighten us with Jesus and God.

The only thing that stands in our way is political perception that was created by the likes of UMNO, Barisan Nasional, Perkasa and many Muslim NGO's in this region. 

We need to work harder and faster to ensure that our just cause will reach its goal. 

Join Us On 31 of December 2013 on this glorious day. We shall show our true strength to the world. Malaysian Christian United For A Better Nation! 


  1. hello chris darson would like your help for a new convert to join the light. care for your email?

  2. Sure... I've already sent you an email... Hallelujah....