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In Allah We Trust
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Monday, December 9, 2013

Singapore bus death triggers riot

The violence erupted late on Sunday night, sparked by a fatal bus accident
Police in Singapore have arrested 27 South Asian suspects after hundreds of people took part in a riot sparked by the death of an Indian national.
Trouble started after the 33-year-old man was knocked down by a private bus in a district known as Little India.
About 400 foreign workers took to the streets, hurling railings at police and torching police cars and an ambulance.
At least 18 people were hurt, most of them police officers, before the violence was brought under control.
Police commissioner Ng Joo Hee said it was the first rioting in Singapore in more than 30 years.
He condemned it as "intolerable, wanton violence". "It is not the Singapore way," he added.
The outbreak of public disorder is rare in strictly-governed Singapore.
The wealthy city-state depends heavily on foreign workers, with migrant labourers from South Asia dominating sectors like construction.
Many congregate in Little India on Sundays to shop, drink and socialise.
Rioters overturned these two police cars in the Little India district

Around 300 police were deployed to the area

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