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In Allah We Trust
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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Singapore on The Brink:

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong :   whatever events may have sparked the  rioting, there is no excuse for such violent, destructive, and criminal  behaviour.    We will spare no effort to identify the culprits and deal with them with  the full force of the law,.

It appears that the cloak of Singapore’s manufactured and artificial meritocracy (Sinocracy) is slowly but surely coming apart at the seams.

This “showcase” of “Asian values and economic prosperity” appears to be struggling to maintain its carefully crafted artificial image of a fair and prosperous society as the veneer of respectability peels away in the heat of an human experiment gone wrong.

Earlier this year Singapore deported with unholy haste 29 bus drivers (guest labourers) back to the mainland China. Their crime? Striking for better working conditions. The leader of the strike was jailed for 7 weeks. These were all ethnic Chinese (of the lesser variety if you asked a Singaporean).

“Human Rights” activists and civil societies supported by the US and George Soros have remained mute. First generation Singaporeans have nothing but contempt for its imported workforce with a common Singaporean insult being “you must be from China”.


With Thailand to the north on the boil, Malaysia now quiet having contained Singapore’s stirring of its political pot and the world economic mess not yet fully disclosed to Singaporeans, the government of Singapore through its Prime Minister continues to demonstrate the priorities  of his state. Human suffering and rights last, property and the island state’s image first.

The media carries a story about a riot in “little India” today. The story and any information about it will be contained and sanitized in every which way but……if Singapore has its way.

The prime minister has vowed swift and harsh retribution against these 'offenders'. But little or no mention is made of the victim or the circumstances in which he met his end under a bus which precipitated the riot. Not even a cursory “my condolences to his family” or a “promise to get to the bottom of it” nor a “promise to investigate the root causes of what it is that created a flash riot in such circumstances”.

It is all about effect and image. It always was and the government hopes it always will be the case. And there are those who support such an ideological stand amongst Singaporeans. It is demonstrative of the contempt with which first generation Singaporeans treat their workers and those they consider a lesser people. Especially migrants with limited or no rights on the island.


As the world readies itself to bury the mortal remains of the late Nelson Mandela, Singapore reminds us that the legacy of Mandela may also be buried with him if no one acts.

Singapore has long housed the scum of this world in its midst. Providing these wealthy imports behaved themselves Singapore style whilst in Singapore. there will always be a welcome mat out for them. From joint venturing with the late Lo Hsin Han the Chinese Burmese opium and heroin producer and warlord, to supplying and housing Tamil Tiger ventures (supplying the RDX that was used to assassinate Rajiv Gandhi), to banking the murderous Suharto regime, its cronies and other despots regardless of their crimes against even the Chinese in the region, Singapore is always ready to welcome  money and the monied.

Only recently has Singapore appeared to suffer a slight pang of conscience when it refused to accommodate the commercial interests of deposed Thai Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra. There is more to that decision than pangs of conscience and that which meets the eye.

Singapore is a great and gracious host if you have the money. Lots of it. It has no capacity to boast of  in terms of the welfare of its population of robots who often fall between two stools. And there are many indeed amongst them. Singaporeans and the government have no capacity for compassion, viewing it as a weakness rather than a strength and a virtue. They suffer from a distorted and confused interpretation of Confucianism. Their troubled citizens and residents fall out of high rise buildings or riot as a means and a way out of their emotional, economic and psychological stresses. And Singapore breeds much of that. Problems created by the state and their Kia Su mentality.


This little India incident may give Singapore the opportunity to now get rid of a problem it has been struggling with of late. That problem is its imported labour, the bane of many first generation Singaporeans. Singapore’s population and its demographic today is another example of Neo Nazi, Apartheid style experimenting in social engineering, using humans they consider  lesser people as their guinea pigs. And they have the support of their first generation population. Mute and compliant.

An estimated 38% of Singapore, by some statistics, consist of imported labourers. The wretched, the cold, the displaced and the hungry.Many the by product of foreign labour scams and people smugglers. But who cares?  These are not first generation Singaporeans. Mostly not rich Chinese. They are vulnerable, disposable and dispensable commodities. And if there is a dollar to that misery then it’s a virtue in Singaporean terms. FIrst generations have been abandoning their island state for "greener pastures" like Australia and the US only to discover its not  all milk and honey on the other side.


The reality of the global economic  recession conveniently swept under the carpet by many industrialised nations is beginning to rear its ugly head from under that carpet and starting to bite in places as far away as Singapore.

Singapore desperately needs to shed its imported labour force. Many will be without work soon. the government may claim otherwise  in denial and there may be some truth to their denials. But since when did the Singapore government let the truth get in the way of a good profitable political ideological statement devoid of any human considerations?

Singapore is now faced not only with a world focus on its pathetic treatment of its imported labour force, it is also having to come to terms with a changing world it has been this far insulated from with its large foreign reserves and small population. There is also a non compliant and suppressed Muslim volcano waiting to erupt in its midst.


Keen till recently to support an anti Malay coalition in Bersih and Anwar Ibrahim Malaysia and to regurgitate and reinforce an anti Islamic coalition of the west locally, it remains to be seen whether the chickens have finally come to roost on this mission.  It would be more interesting indeed to see how Singapore interprets what is fundamentally a class and race riot of the dispossessed as Bersih claimed to be supporting in Malaysia (which Singapore supported).

Organizations like Transparency International and its corruption perception indexes will have to back peddle very fast in the wake of these riots to adjust their latest published index to accommodate the emerging truths of the image of a clean state they helped to create.

It appears that Singapore is indeed headed for interesting times.


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