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In Allah We Trust
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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Ridhuan Tee denies teaching ethnic cleansing, asks “kiasu spinster” MP to go back to school

Controversial lecturer Dr Ridhuan Tee Abdullah (pic) has denied that he had taught ethnic cleansing in the university, saying today he was just giving examples of such events in other countries, including Singapore.
The National Defence University Malaysia (UPNM) associate professor said he was willing to be investigated over the allegations that were revealed in a parliamentary question by DAP Seputeh MP Teresa Kok.
"My answer is, please conduct an investigation. I am ready any time alongside thousands of my students," Tee wrote in his column today in Malay daily “Sinar Harian”.
Kok had posed the question to Deputy Defence Minister Datuk Abdul Rahim Bakri if such an incident did occurr, weeks after she said Tee had plagiarised an article written by Universiti Teknologi Malaysia lecturer Dr Airil Yasreen Mohd Yassin.
Without naming names, Tee wrote that the "kiasu spinster" who attacked him in Parliament should continue to study and obtain more degrees.
The controversial lecturer argued that ethnic cleansing was happening in Singapore.
"Based on proof, there is obviously ethnic cleansing.
"No need to go far, just look at Muslims in Singapore. Their rights are already denied in their homeland, until they cannot even cover their 'aurat' in public institutions, such as schools."
He also clarified that he was teaching ethnic relations and Islamic and Asian civilisation (Titas) in UPNM.
"Honestly as a Muslim, obviously, I did not teach that... If I were to promote ethnic cleansing, it clearly clashes with Islamic teachings," Tee wrote.
The lecturer, who also writes for Umno-backed daily “Utusan Malaysia” said that "even in war against the enemy, Islam does not allow us to conduct ethnic cleansing because among them are those who are innocent like the old, children, women, environment and religious houses".
Tee also issued a warning to the academic who provided information to Kok.
"I want to know who is behind this. If I catch the mastermind, this would be followed up by legal action towards the spinster and her allies.
"I am sure the professor who gave such information is in a hot seat. I do not attack if I was not attacked first.”
He admitted to teaching about communism and the May 13, 1969 riots.
"There was no crossover with ethnic cleansing except for taking examples in other countries," Tee wrote.
The Defence Ministry had said it would investigate the claims against the pro-government academic. – December 9, 2013.

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