In Allah We Trust

In Allah We Trust
A New Hope

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

God Uses Us to Spread the Word of God! By: Won Suk Cho

The word of God is equal to the Bible. The Bible contains the good news/gospel of Jesus. For me I comprehend the Bible as, Basic. Instructions. Before. Living. Earth! But Bible is not the only way to spread the word of God, it is also through our actions.
But the question remains, why should we spread the word of God?
As we know we are Christians, and we are the chosen people from God. So we are the soldiers/children of God, and we have to follow, and we have a duty to fulfil here on Earth.

We are blessed by God, to know Jesus. So we should share the blessings, and to lead others to Jesus. God gave us everything what we need, so we should make the blessings worth that was given by God. To make it worth we should obey, and follow Jesus.
When we read the Bible, we will see a lot of passages, that tells us to spread the word of God. So as Christian, God gave us a duty to spread the word of God. As a soldiers/children of God we should obey him, and be responsible in our act.
But, we are questing ourselves again, how should we spread the word of God?
God only gives a duty that we can handle, and there are many ways to spread the word of God. The ways of spreading God's word may differ from the past and present, because through generations, to generations, we improve on how to spread the word of God to everyone. So we learn through generations. So it will be easier in spreading the word of God now than before. There is a improvement, and innovations on how to spread the word of God easier. There is everything these days, to spread the word of God easier. We have technologies that makes us easy to spread informations.
But not only that, we should be responsible in our acts, so that unbelievers will see, and learn from us. If our acts are irresponsible, the unbelievers will not learn anything from us.
Let us represent us, as salt, and the unbelievers as food with no taste. God said we are the salt on the Earth. So what does that mean? In food, salt is the most important ingredient. But food without salt will taste bad. So in order to make the tastier we add salt. So we should spread the word of God, and lead the people to Jesus. So we transform people, bad to good.
However, we should start the change we want to see. We should start with in our self first, before sharing the word of God. If we change our selves, we will change our surroundings, and eventually changing the Earth.
From all this things that I explained, it asked me "Did I do it?" so I had a objective, to see the change with in me.
What will I do?
I will read the Bible more often, and pray to God, and go more to medical missions from our church. Help poor people, to get cured, and spread the word of God. I should be responsible in my acts, and reflect in my action, and not to disappoint Jesus. I will use all the information on how to spread the word of God! And there are a lot of ways! I will always volunteer to spread the word of God. Share all my blessings, and do my best on everything! I will give my everything to Jesus, and have a firm faith to Jesus! If i will think that i cant do this, I will always remind myself, that "I can do everything through Christ, who gives me strength!", and if there is a will there is a way!

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