In Allah We Trust

In Allah We Trust
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Sunday, August 3, 2014

Stop supporting the Palestinian: Don’t get caught in the politics.

As we all know, the political unrest in Palestine/Israel has been going on for years. Ever since the end of WW2 Palestinian Arab’s and Israeli’s Jews has been attacking each other. Now in the new millennia both parties are taking it to another level by engaging their enemies in cyber war.

            Pro-Palestinian & Pro-Zionism are taking their fight to the alternative media where both sides are arming themselves with pictures and videos showing the might of each other armies. The Israel Defence Force (IDF) is using the media to garner support from the world to accept and support their cause in fighting the Palestinian. While the Palestinian armies (Al-Qassam Brigade, Hamas & the Palestinian Police) are using the internet to show what Israel has done to the people of Palestine.
            We accept the fact that the war is not between Judaism & Muslims but it is one army (IDF) against the Palestinian Civilians (ordinary people who bear arms to fight against their oppressors).
            Not all Palestinians are Muslims; many of them are Arab Christians and even some Arab Jews. The problem is, even if we the Christians support Palestine, the Muslims themselves are at war with their own brothers. Just look at Syria and Egypt, the problems with most Muslim countries is that they are not ready for democracy. All that I can say is, whenever foraign countries like the USA has their hands in matters pertaining to the doctrine of democracy in a Muslim country, it fails miserably. Egypt was actually fine under Mubarak before democracy; Saddam was actually effective in controlling Iraq. And best of all, the time before the Taliban was much better as the Taliban (Taliban was a product of the CIA) destroyed every civilization that the Afghanistan had.
            You see? Each and every time the world tried to change something for another country, it ended up being worst. Now, the Mufti of Saudi Arabia has declared a fatwa against the support of Palestinian people and their effort against the Zionist Israel.
            A Muslim cleric (grand Mufti of Saudi) has issued a fatwa regarding on this matter. We all know how much the Muslims love their clerics. Should we defy his fatwa and continue on our support for the Palestinian?
Christians from all over the world should STOP supporting Palestinian for now. We must look into the situation carefully. We don’t want a war with the Muslims again just because we are supporting Palestine.



  1. You Christians, go support the CHRISTKILLERS if you like and bring along the blind idiot Saudi cleric with you. We support the Palestinian cause not because they are Muslims or Christians but because they are human beings like us being anhiliated by barbarians.

  2. we support Palestinian people is all because of humanity... we are brothers and sisters.. the bloodline is every.. stop killing them or you will face the consequences.. moron



  5. Get real! Where is YOUR humanity?