In Allah We Trust

In Allah We Trust
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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Boycott is futile: We need to support Israel related products.

These are so called Israel related product. Can you boycott them?

In dealing with international politics & wars we need to be rational in making our decisions. It is because anything that we decide will not only effect the ideological aspect but also economical and development aspect.
            As one of the most developed country in Asia, Malaysia truly needs to understand its position in the global economic scale. Yes, we have the buying power as most developed Asian nation; this is similar to the buying power of Indonesians, Singaporeans and Thais. However, we need to understand that our foreign and domestic investments are also connected to our people as product users.

            That is why we can see many companies opt to have their factory in Malaysia. Ford, JT Tobaccco, British American Tobacco, Coca Cola, Pepsi and many international companies choose Malaysia as their second base of operations. This shows that we are a well trusted and rational country that understands professionalism of doing business.
            Now, we do understand the necessity to condemn any act of terrorism whether it is done by the Israelis or the Palestinian. But is it wise to boycott something that we need. For example Mac Donalds foods and beverages, they are made to ensure people who bought their product will have fast and healthy food to eat. In this fast paced way of life, we need Mac Donalds as it is convenient and easy for us.
            Even FACEBOOK is said to have a relation with the Israelis. Can we boycott FACEBOOK while our campaign on boycotting Israel related product is on FACEBOOK pages? Can we do that? Irony isn’t it?
            Other than that, where is the proof that all the global companies have any relation with the Israel Defence Force (IDF) or the Israeli government? Is there any receipt on their contribution to Israel? Did they publicly state their support for Israel?
            Did you know that Hugo Boss & Boss products were supporters of Hitler, must we boycott Hugo Boss? Other than that, if you are thinking of boycotting Mac Donald and other fast food chains in Malaysia, what will happened with the staff and workers in that particular businesses? Many of them are Muslims Malays. Do you have any option for them to work if the business break down?
We need to train our people to think first before doing any action that might compromise our economic and social standings.
For that we from the Christian United 4 Malaysia blogspot group would like to express our support towards these boycotted products.
#supportMcDonalds #drinkStarbucks #meggimeesedap

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