In Allah We Trust

In Allah We Trust
A New Hope

Sunday, December 15, 2013

What will happen to Malaysia and Malaysian in the next 20 years?

Here we like to state again that we are never political but only religious. However, the recent up comings in the Malaysian political scene concerning Malaysian politicians is worrying for us all. As a Malaysian, we love our country more than ourselves.

The petrol hike + electricity tariff hik + toll hike + Sugar hike = Burden To The People.

We must understand that these hikes is because of the effect of the world economy, but cant the government do anything to help us (the people of this country) to maintain the prices?

We pay our taxes we believe in the democracy system and we stay true to our country. But will our country stay true to us?

And to the opposition: Please lah... You know you'll do the same when you are in power right? If not, why don't you do something about it right now? Help the people. Don't just go and accuse the government of corruption while you are corrupted yourself. The ADUN's of Selangor got a raise? Well you are not much different than the Barisan Nasional right?

Help Us! The rakyat regardless of their political believes needs help. Stop politicking! Start doing your job as the Federal and State government?

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