In Allah We Trust

In Allah We Trust
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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Project Christmas: The Commercialization of Our Lord.

All over the world when we talk about Christmas, many of us will imagine Santa Clause, snow, Christmas Trees and the most important part of the modern Christmas tradition which is PRESENTS!!!!!!

Yeah, we do understand that it has become a worldwide phenomenon as the Christmas tradition does not only concern Christian but also non-Christian.. Only American Jews are offended when you wish them Marry Christmas, but for others, including our Muslims and Buddhist friends, Christmas is widely accepted as a sign of peace and joy.

Its a good thing that we have here in Malaysia.... Basically we can say everyone here in Malaysia accept Christmas as a season of love and compassion... But somehow we are getting

We the admin of CU4M would like to make it our mission, to ensure that the holiday season are not merely commercial, and we want our readers to understand that this is a season to celebrate our saviour Jesus Christ!

We do not condemn the act of giving present and buying good things for your love ones, but we do condemn the idea of Christmas without the acknowledgment of the person who we are actually celebrating.

So for the next few days, up to the 25th of December, we will unleash a barrage of articles that will make our readers understand the true meaning of Christmas and why do we celebrate it.

Our readers will also go around Malaysia to ask from other Malaysian Christian on their views

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