In Allah We Trust

In Allah We Trust
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Monday, December 2, 2013

UMNO is taking more Ulama's on their side. What is going to happen to Malaysia?

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Ok. First and foremost, we have to remind our beloved readers from all around the world that CU4M (Christian United 4 Malaysia) is not a political website, nor we are ignorant of what is happening in our country. We do not intend to choose which political side as our work is for Christ and Christians all over Malaysia. We love our country and we do not wish it to go down the drain because some politician are using religion and race just to ensure that they can get a lot of votes in the ballot box.

UMNO is a party that has been establish 67 years ago. They were involved in the Independence of our country and has become the ruling power ever since. We do not have any quarrels with UMNO or any of their political friends, whether it is MIC, MCA or Gerakan. However, the future seems grim for Malaysian as UMNO is taking a lot of Ulama' on their side. Should we expect more Islamic extremism under the great white and red flag?

Personally, we took for granted UMNO's secular stand. Before this UMNO was a quite secular party with secular intention. That is good as Malaysia does not consist of one religion only.

Now, the DAP who were led by Chinese (Most of them are Christians or potray themselves as Christians e.g. Hannah Yeoh & Theresa Kok to name some of them) formed an alliance with PAS who are known for their extreme Islamic stance.

This proves detrimental as UMNO (who are still the government of today) are running away from their secular nature and to adopt more Islamic values and intention. This will lead to an Islamic extremism thus disrupts UMNO's previous stands which is secularism. It is not good for anyone who are not Malay and Muslims.

Yes previously we hate UMNO for their Malay agenda, we have asked them to abolish Malay rights and to give the same treatment to all Malaysians. But then again. haven't we all prospered in this country. To say that the government is bullying the people of this country is wrong as if we work hard enough we can get what we want. Regardless of our race or religion.

To think of it, the Malays do need help. And the government is doing good in helping them out with the quotas and special treatment.

But why are we consolidating ourselves with a party like PAS???

A true Christian wouldn't want to be near such person let alone shake their hands or join them in their political ventures. Once we heard in a ceramah @ sermon, one of their priest told the crowd that the blood of infidels (normally points to Christians and Jews) were permitted to be spilled. Wow! Just Wow!

Come on guys. We are making friends with people who wants to kill us... KILL US!!!!! They want to KILL US!!!!!

The conclusion is, our Christian leaders need to show, UMNO and the current administration that we are not amongst those who wants this country to turn out to be a Taliban like nation. Please hear us out. We need to leave PAS alone. Let them rot. If not, UMNO will become like PAS and we will be in trouble.

Yeah, some of our Christian brothers and sisters would like to point out that we can change the government in the next election. Yeah... Like that is going to happen... We've gave it all in the last election  but UMNO is unbeatable. Not because they are strong and certainly not because they are a good government. But because they are more flexible when in comes to governing the country....

COme one guys,.... Stop supporting PAS... We do not want another Afghanistan here.. I pity the Christians of Kelantan... HUDUD is against human rights.... But because we helped them win, now they are implementing it in their state..

May the Lord Jesus Christ protect us!

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