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In Allah We Trust
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Monday, June 16, 2014

Taking It To The Federal Court.

We believe that our Prime Minister is at his wits end. The only reasonable solution for the "Hadhanah" @Child Custody hearing is to take it to the Federal Court.

The child custody hearing between two parent who's father converted into Islam and forced his children to convert with him is getting to the very nerve of the Malaysian society.

Its not about religion or race, we truly believe that you have the rights to choose which Supreme Being you submit yourself to. However, it is crucial for us to understand that we live in a Multicultural Islamic country. Of course the Muslim's will get a better hand if things were to be taken into the Syriah Court. And the non-Muslim would have a better chance in the Civil Court. It's just the way it is.

Conversion to another religion cannot be taken lightly. Especially if it is attached to a particular law of the land. It's not a question about right or wrong, it is a question of morality and justice.

Yes, you may convert yourself to another religion, no one should force you to stay in a particular religion that you dislike. However, when you decide to convert please bear in mind that you are submitting your family into turmoil if you do not tread lightly.

We think that all the Islamic authorities should ask the future converts to Islam to have a long discussion with their families. This is to avoid any confusion among their family members if anything happens.

We've heard a lot of issues arising from conversion to Islam. We know the fault does not lie with the religion itself. But the problem is with the Islamic authorities and those newly converts. Do you have to discard your family relations if you choose Islam as your faith? I don't think so.

This particular problem can be solved without any conflicts if the parties involved would just sit down and talk. Be sincere to your family members. It will avoid any future problems and your family will respect you and your new found religion more.

Chris Darson
The Scribe.

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