In Allah We Trust

In Allah We Trust
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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

JAIS: The Governments Peepin Tom.

No wonder Muslims in Malaysia are so uptight. The don't feel the LOVE. 

We all know what "khalwat" is about right? I've been living with Malays all my life. One of the most feared "bala" (not Bala the P.I. who made all the declaration against Razak Baginda) is "tangkap basah" or "khalwat" or "close proximity".

Some of my Malay friends are so afraid of it, if their GF is in the house alone and scared they would not go in. They just sit at the porch, while their GF is inside. No close proximity for Malay Muslims ok... It's a BIG NO.... NO...

To think that the Prophet Muhammad or in fact Allah (referring to the Muslim God) himself never mentioned about "khalwat" and the punishment of Khalwat... That is because according to Islam... Khalwat basically is not a sin... But it can be a "gateway" to a sin. (meaning SEX lah)... There are even saying that goes like if a man and a women together, Syaitan will be their third wheel. But the point is, Khalwat is not a sin and should not be trialed as a against the Syariah law.

Now these pejabat agama people, like to conduct searches in houses to find whether people are sitting together with their unmarried partners. Once caught, they will ask them to bring RM 3,000.00 for each individual to court. (Maximum penalty is RM 3000.00). And this particular act or punishment has never been stated in any holy books in Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, Torah and The Epic Writings of Spehenie Mayers (woot...woot..) never mentioned about Khalwat or Close Proximity...

If it is not a sin, why punish these people?

Did Mohammad the Prophet in his conduct searches and raids as conducted by JAIS now?

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