In Allah We Trust

In Allah We Trust
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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Thank You Khalid Samad: The Liberator of Shah Alam

Shah Alam is blessed to have such a charismatic MP such as Mr Khalid Samad. What did Khalid Samad do for Shah Alam you might ask. Well, he basically liberated the "Malay" city from its old ways. Khalid Samad freed Shah Alam from traditional Malay thinking. The need to abandon conservative thinking is important in order for the community to be able to cope with globalization.

Here are the list of what he did to ensure Shah Alam become a more liberal and advanced community:

  1. During his first few years in office, Khalid Samad visited the Carslberg Beer factory. Even though during his election campaign, Khalid Samad and his Pan Islamic Party (PAS) supporters were blaming UMNO for the existence of the factory but during his tenure as the Shah Alam MP he supported the Carlsberg company and even asked them if they wanted to make the factory bigger.

2. This is one of the many massage parlor that is a booming business in Shah Alam. Before Khalid Samad took over as the MP of Shah Alam, massage parlor was non-existence. If guys were to have a little bit of fun, they would have to go to Puchong or KL. But now it is in front of their homes .Good Job YB.

3. Wow... Just totally wow.. Stacks and stacks of beer is on sale in Shah Alam. Good Job YB Khalid Samad.

Now, I don't agree with much of Barisan Nasional policies but however, I do think Khalid Samad is really just another "talk cock" politician. He did not do anything for the people of Shah Alam, and he was jumping on the Kalimah Allah/Murtad/Christian supporter bandwagon just to make sure that the people would see him as a hero. This PAS member need to understand the fact that WE CHRISTIAN ARE NOT FOOLS! You attack MAIS & JAIS, while you should be the one who unite us. Christians & Muslims can work together. Just not with stupid people like Khalid Samad.

You attack JAIS & MAIS just because you say that their work is against the constitution. You Khalid Samad! try your best to be the hero of Christians while you refuse to see the backlash that will come to us in the future. Now His Highness the Sultan is pissed off at you, and you have widen the gap between the Muslims and the Non-Muslims even further.

Thank You Khalid Samad, Thank You for the destruction that you have brought upon our great Shah Alam community.

Andrew Lim
Seksyen 8 Shah Alam,
Selangor Darul Ehsan. 

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