In Allah We Trust

In Allah We Trust
A New Hope

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Who has claim over Jerusalem? None has claim. All have claim.

Well, I tried my best to quote the character Balian Baron of Ibelin in the movie Kingdom of Heaven. Directed by Ridley Scott, the movie shows how the Christian desperately tries to defend the city of Jerusalem while the Muslim/Saracens led by Saladin has a field day killing Christian Soldiers and mocking Guy De Lusignan who became the King of Jerusalem for a few days. 

Now, I really don't care about the historical fact of the movie. What I want to say is that, what is happening in Jerusalem now is quite similar to what happened in the past.

If you look at the Christian characteristic of that time, they are similar like what we see in Muslim Extremist today. In the first few scene where Balian was brought to Mesina (a port in Italy I think), there was a guy standing on a rock. He stood there alone and keep saying the words "To kill an infidel is not a sin, its a path to God". It is similar to the Muslims nowadays. Before every attack, Guy de Lusignan and Renald De Chattilon would scream “God Wills It”, personally I think this is similar to the Muslims “Allahuakbar”.

You see what is happening here right? Muslims are becoming like the Crusaders. That is why they will not win any wars in any time soon. But we Christians learned our mistakes and becoming more like Salahadin. Salahadin believe that God do determine the results of battle, but it is also won by preparation, the absence of diseases, technical and tactical aspect of the fight.

Personally I believe in peace and harmony. Where all the races and religion in this world would be able to sit down together and settle dispute by peaceful means. However, this is not the case in today’s situation. Hatred between races and religion has overcome us. Politician are pointing their fingers to one another and developing a racial war that everyone of us should try to avoid.

The peace and harmony in Jerusalem is still elusive.

We pray that God will protect the innocent, regardless of their religious faith. Amen.

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