In Allah We Trust

In Allah We Trust
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Monday, July 7, 2014

Ku Nan And The Homeless: What Would Muhammad Do?

As expected from a big fat political honcho like Ku Nan, he would not understand the difficulties faced by poor Malaysians. We do not know what is going on in the Federal Territory Ministry but as far as we are concerned, Ku Nan must GO! Go where you might ask? Go and walk around KL, feel the city that you supposed to protect... 

Seriously cleaning up Kuala Lumpur of homeless people? They are not trash that you can throw out. What do you mean by cleaning them out Ku Nan?

It is a sad day for Malaysians when one of its most popular political figures made a statement against homeless people. I think even our tourist knows about homelessness. They have their own in their country. We should be thinking of a better way of helping people, not kick them out from our cities.

Ok… Ok… Maybe Ku Nan said it wrong… Maybe he was trying to say that we will put the homeless people at a better place… Yes… We have seen the Anjung Singgah… It looks too clean right? The beds are too well made, the kitchen are too clean… Not that we like dirty beds and kitchens but just think for a moment. It’s like it never been used before.

Seriously, our churches has helped many homeless people. Hundreds maybe Thousands were helped by the Church. And we know how to deal with these people better, why don’t the Federal Territory Ministry consult us first. Maybe just maybe we can help. With a better funding from the government I’m sure we could work something out.

But then again…. Ministry holding hands together with the Church may not be a good idea for now. All the PAS ISLAMIC ZEALOTS running around, Ku Nan or any other ministers might lose their votes with the Malays.

And then suddenly we read in the HarakahDaily that PAS is sending their Unit Amal to help distribute food for the homeless. Talk about “GILA Glamour” right?

PAS should just stick to their ceramah and collect money from their moronic followers. We don’t want your MILO can Money. We have our own….

Plus, why did Ku Nan rambles about people who are not Malaysians? Homeless Foreigners? Should we kick them out and treat them like animals? I’m afraid that Ku Nan should get better people to write his speeches and press statement. A lot of people in Utusan can write for him.. Better yet, just take a DAP writer like Khairy from Malaysiakini.Com. I’m sure they’ll sell their soul just to be hired by the government. After all, all of them are money hungry power grabbing zealots too you know.

As a Christian we would always ask ourselves, WHAT WOULD JESUS DO? (WWJD?) in times where we do not know what to do… Maybe in conjunction with this month of Ramadhan, Ku Nan should ask himself What Would Muhammad Do?
Before he makes stupid statements against other special needs people like the blind, the sick or the orphans.

Happy Ramadhan to All Muslims and to you to Ku Nan….

P/S: Since when did Nandos give out free Chicken? Since when? YOu tell me... Their stupid peri-peri Chicken is too expensive. If you got a family of 5 Children 1 Wife (PAS members don't get all cocky r), with the salary of RM 3,500.00 a month. Still you can't afford it. Seriously those people at Nandos should not take their business mixed it up with the rakyat's Business ok...

You guys sells expensive Chicken. Never once we saw Nando's gave free Chicken to the poor... 

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