In Allah We Trust

In Allah We Trust
A New Hope

Monday, April 21, 2014

Before its too late.

PAS: The king to Milo cans, is rotten to the bone. Maybe they are just practising the Taqqiyah. Yes, we all know lying is a part of Islam. You don't have to hide it no more.

All of us wants a better Malaysia. A Malaysia that we can be proud of. However, despite all our efforts in fighting for our hopes and dreams, some of our leaders just want to fight for themselves. Their goals are not to make a better country for Malaysians, but they are here just so that they could be in power. 

Christian United 4 Malaysia was created by ordinary Malaysian Christians for the love of Christianity and our nation. We understand, as a minority in a Muslim country, some of our rights as a citizen may seems inadequate compared to those who wore the title of Bumiputera or just plain Muslims.

We also understand that this country cannot be a fully liberal country because of certain restrictions that has existed long before Christianity arrived in these lands. 

When we first started CU4M we thought that leaders from PKR or PAS would have the same goal as ours. That's why even though when Muslim NGO's attacked Christianity and these leaders left us to die (the Kalimah Allah Issue). We still continue our support and featured them in many of our posts.

Now we truly understands how PKR and PAS had played us all along. We the CU4M will not support any PKR or PAS members as they have shown their true colours. These heathens are worst than Barisan Nasional. At least BN did not lead the non-Muslim with lies. PKR and PAS has struck the last knife on our backs with HUDUD. And now with hudud we are severing our ties forever.

Long Live The Rakyat.

Death to all Malaysian political hyenas.

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