In Allah We Trust

In Allah We Trust
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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Berlin: Number Of Criminal Arab Immigrants Continuously On The Rise

"The crash course has ended. Two agents bring Nidal R. (31, name altered) down to the asphalt. He has just destroyed a number of cars with his Porsche Cayenne in the district of Schöneberg in Berlin. The damages make for a total amount of 30.000 euros.  The agents pull out one of them from the streets – but there are many following his footsteps. There are 484 young massive offenders in Berlin by now.

Just like Issa K. (17, name altered), who since the age of twelve has been interrogated by the police as suspect more than 30 times. The short periods of detention for young offenders did not bring any positive result. He will be again in court in May.

Nidal stole, bashed and extorted since he was 10, and it was at the age of 14 that he first ended up being put behind bars. He has already spent more than 10 years locked up in prison. He was the one who inspired the creation of the “massive offender card”.

The majority of them live in Neukölln (the most enriched district in Berlin). “It is not fine, but neither surprising”, the mayor, Heinz Buschkowsky, says. “The reason for this is the high percentage of young Muslim men. The educative role model of being strong and ready to fight shows up in everyday life. The massive offenders are the worst enemies of integration. They produce victims and hate on an everyday basis”, he says.

The number of massive offenders in Berlin is on the rise, as it becomes clear from the answer to a parliamentary question raised by the socialist politician Joschka Langenbrinck: 2011 - 77 %, 2012 - 79 %, 2013 - 84 %. In Neukölln, the young males of arab origin make a 9% of the population, but among them, the share of massive offenders is at a 49%.


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