In Allah We Trust

In Allah We Trust
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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Hudud: The Last Frontier. Kelantan is going back a thousand years.

Kelantan's selective Hudud?

Even the Moslem prophet Muhammad did not cut anyone hands during his reign in Medina and Mecca. Tell us, which verse of hadith that shows Muhammad cut off the hand of anyone! Stupid Moslem in PAS..... They don't understand their own religion at all....

Sadistic? Yes!

Wow... That's justice I guess.

Moslems like to throw stuff? Now you cant prove us wrong cant you?

Tell me, how many thieves did Muhammad The Prophet cut their hands during his days as the prophet of Allah? The Answer Is 0!!!!!!!!

I bet if Mohammad the Prophet would see this, he would not permit such atrocity committed towards his fellow man. Muhammad was a great General, Father, Husband, Leader and a human being... He was compassionate enough to free slaves. He even destroys the caste system (i.e Bilal Bin Rabah the free slave who become one of his most influential companion). 

Moslem in Malaysia should learn more about him. PAS is straying from Islam.... Now PAS is dragging everyone to hell. 

Dear Moslems

Learn from Muhammad The Prophet and Saladin The Great. They were great for a reason. Prove to us Islam and non-Muslim can live together hand in hand. 

P/s: Mustapha Ali (PAS) has a sex video. Just need to come up with 4 credible witness, then we can see the first stoning take place in Kelantan. Hahahahahahhaha... 

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