In Allah We Trust

In Allah We Trust
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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Anwar Ibrahim: The True Statesman Of Malaysia.

It is crucial for each and every Malaysian to understand the vision and mission of DSAI. He is not only a symbol of freedom and justice for the Malaysian people, but also a beacon that will show us the true meaning of being a Malaysian.

Ever since his time in UMNO, Anwar Ibrahim was never racist. He is one of the most intellectual leaders that UMNO could ever had, but then again, they kicked him out because he was telling the truth. Corruption was rampant back then as it was today. He tries to save the pro-Malay party because he loves his Malay heritage but at the same time he do not want Malaysia to turn into a divided society. That is also why he loves reading books about other cultures especially the Chinese culture.

Anwar is a true liberal and secular leader that we need here in our country. We must let everyone knows that DSAI's vision is for everyone to have the freedom that we deserve. The freedom to do anything and everything that we want as long as it will not impeach any laws of the land. Anwar Ibrahim also promotes good faith between Christians and Muslim as was stated in many of his public announcement and ceramah.

Even though DSAI is one of the founder of ABIM (Angkatan Belia Islam Malaysia) currently a society front of para-military Islamic military jihad organization, Anwar Ibrahim was reluctant in debating Islam Vs Christianity and more keen on discussing the similarity of both of the religion. He tries to change the was of ABIM and UMNO to suite the multicultural scene in Malaysia.

Just imagine if he was not sacked as the Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia in 1998. What a glorious nation we have been if Anwar Ibrahim was the Prime Minister of Malaysia.

However, it seems like God has provide us with a solution all along. If Anwar Ibrahim were unable to become the PM of Malaysia, why not become the Menteri Besar of Selangor (the most develop state in Malaysia)?

May Allah grant all of his wishes and protect him from his political enemies.


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