In Allah We Trust

In Allah We Trust
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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Muslim Killing and Raping Chinese, Indian and Malay!

This post was taken from a Non-Muslim Malay blog: We do not fully agree with its statement against the Malay race. But for the Muslim part.......

Malays misunderstand you. They think you insult Islam. No, you do not Insult Islam. Islam has many races: Chinese, Indians, Malays etc. Malays have many beliefs.  Malays are not Muslims. Malay is a race.   Muslim politicians are insecure with non-Muslim and non-Muslim Malays.
There are Malays who are agnostic, do not pray or belief in a mixture of Qu'ran and pagan beliefs in bomoh i.e. witchcraft. Some have converted out of Islam, become apostates or freethinkers.

You insult Malays who insult Islam by their bad behavior. They borrow money and do not return it [Datuk Tahir still owes you money]. They rape and kill Chinese and other girls. They insult other people's religion. They want to kill people according to some perverted teachings - 'sembelih, tentang, memerangi'. They curse others with 'sumpah latnatullah' and 'as-samu allaika'.

There are good people, and there are bad people.  The bad ones you insult. Chinese, Indian and Malay insult Islam Hindu Christian. Ibrahim Ali dan Zulkifli Noordin hina agama Kristian dan Hindu. They wield the 'keris' Malay dagger provoking the killing of other races especially the Chinese - ask Hishamuddin and Najib.

Zalim: Bunuh Melayu Memali 1985, Bunuh Cina 1969, Bunuh India, Bunuh Mongolia.  The King, PM, AG and IGP do not care who killed Altantuya.  They do not care for justice.  Justice is dead in Malaysia.

Rogol Cina, Kristian, Indonesia, Melayu Islam.  Ramai orang Melayu jadi mangsa. [because of perverted teachings of 'taking the woman by the right hand' or 'woman is booty and fair game']

Zalim pemerintah, tiada peri kemanusian, tak hormat demokrasi, tiada bebas beragama.  Paksa orang Melayu kembali ke Islam tak boleh keluar agama - ugut bunuh [because of some perverted teachings of killing apostates].  Hina Islam, hina Kristian, hina Hindu, hina Buddha.

Rasuah: Tipu duit rakyat.  KWSP, LTAT, Tabung Haji, Duit Kebajikan

To say Malay is Islam, Chinese Buddha and Indian Hindu is stereotyping and politically incorrect. People have converted in and out of any particular religion.  Some are free thinkers.  Some have declared becoming apostates. Many are hypocrites; outwardly looking holy but are declared rapists. [they appear in court wearing skullcaps denying rape].  Is this the No.1 religion for rapists in US and Malaysia? Pakistan? Afghanistan? Syria? Lebanon? Egypt? Indonesia? Iraq? Sweden, UK, Singapore, Nigeria, Sudan, Muslim States?

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