In Allah We Trust

In Allah We Trust
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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Dont blame UMNO: MCA has lost it.

We here at CU4M are not a fan of UMNO. There were a lot of times where we are seen criticizing UMNO leaders. We still think that UMNO should change it policies to accommodate the rising number of Non-Muslims in UMNO. 

But then again the question arises, why did the MCA administration is blaming UMNO for PAS's Hudud? Suddenly, Wee Ka Siong stated that they will part with UMNO if UMNO accept PAS's Hudud. I thought, PM Najib Razak is clear on the matter. 

Stop stirring up trouble MCA. UMNO is the lesser evil if we think of PAS's Hudud. Show your support to UMNO. Yes, they are corrupted. Yes, we need better management. But at least no Malaysian will lose their hands or heads just because PAS's god said so. 

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