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In Allah We Trust
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Thursday, May 8, 2014

No more "race" in government issued forms. A good sign or a warning of assimilation?

Regardless of the real status of the issue (Najib says that the "race" column is no more despite his own minister statement earlier), we should look at this as a sign or warning from the government of Malaysia that the assimilation process will commence soon.

Assimilation? On what basis you might ask?

Ok. Malaysia is a melting pot of culture, civilization and religion. We have three of the most powerful asian race here in our country. The Malays, the Chinese and the Indians of which these three races has an empire as vast as the eye can see during their prime.

I've read a book stating that the Malay lands were actually a part of Atlantis, I obviously can't put the the whole book here but you can read this or read this and read this. You can google it on the net and find your own resources. I don't know... It may sound absurd but who are we to judge right? And then there's Mallaca which made this region known to the whole world.

The same goes to the Chinese and Indian. Thousands of years of civilization, brought here on our doorsteps. Language, technology, knowledge and many more are stored in our day to day ways of living.

How can this congregation of civilization be assimilated? How will it look like? Should we use the French model or the Indonesian model to administer the assimilation of our country? Can we abolish Chinese and Indians school. Can we ask the Malays student not to wear tudung in public schools?
Can the Chinese not speak their language in public or the Indians perform their wedding rights using bahasa Malaysia instead of Tamil? FYI in Indonesia the Chinese has been left out. The Indians are almost non-existence.

I guess not.....

To all the opposition leaders especially the high and mighty DAP. We hope that you understand this. If bangsa is abolished, you should not be celebrating. You should cry. Cry like a little girl. As the Malays are making their move, a move that they thought were unnecessary back in 1957. A move that will end all the race in Malaysia. Not just the Malays, but also the Chinese and Indians.

Some of the Ah So and Ah Moi out there mights say that, if Pakatan Rakyat have won in the last general election things will be better. Then the word "ubah" was taken as a slogan so that equality and fairness would triumph against racism.

But then again, please remember, Anwar Ibrahim was and will always be an UMNO leader. If we were able to topple Najib (Tian Chua loves to say this) who will take his place? Obviously Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim right? So no change after all.

Be thankful that Najib is not as strict as Mahathir and not as dumb as Pak Lah Badawi.
Anwar Ibrahim is a pro Malay political animal. He will not be hindered. When he is in power, he will put his cronies first inside the nation's top post (UMNO like behaviour) and later he will start ruining the Chinese and Indians with  his idea or total assimilation.
Then what is left of Malaysia? Another North Korean like nation that is regulated by iron fist and a very unstable postion with the Americans and Europeans?

There's a lot of potholes in Selangor. Maybe Pakatan Rakyat politician should look into that particular matter rather then arguing stupid stuff with UMNO just because PR have good orators in their party.

We have to be fair. Racism exist everywhere including racism practice by the Chinese. For example the Malays call a red headed white New Zealand born Malaysian like me Mat Salleh which is translated as Mat = A normal name for a man and Salleh = pios/clean. A Chinese would call me Gwai Lo = A white devil.

Tell me who's more racist?

Chris Darson.

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