In Allah We Trust

In Allah We Trust
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Monday, May 26, 2014

The Game of Hudud: Hadi Awang and the PERKASA Agent.

We've been saying this from day one. DAP's candidate from Teluk Intan is a sleeping agent of some sort. We do not know, whether she is an UMNO or PERKASA agent, but sadly we are putting our faith in a girl who knows nothing about leadership and she is only there for hidden reasons. We do not know for sure, what is wrong with her or what she is planning. But we are sure that she is plotting something against the will of the people of this country.

She is a PERKASA agent. This picture says it all.

Ibrahim Ali, who is being attacked by both BN and Pakatan Rakyat is rumoured to have planned something big for the DAP candidate. We better watch out. More attacks on Christian and Christian beliefs in the future. Could the DAP Teluk Intan candidate be the next Tunku Aziz?

She even campaigned for PERKASA membership. What more do we want to know? She is a PERKASA agent for sure.

Why did HADI AWANG refused to talk about Hudud in her presence? Is it because he is in cohoot with Ibrahim Ali? Hadi Awang stated that Dyana Sofea is brave to have joined DAP. Why? Because Hadi Awang himself would not become a DAP candidate. Why did Hadi Awang made such statement.

Is it because he knows the truth about Dyana and Ibrahim Ali's relationship.

Dyana Sofea, rose up to challenge all the senior DAP members in Teluk Intan. What is so special about this particular girl? Is Lim Kit Siang too old and blind to see the truth? She's not even that smart. Listen to her interviews. She is a worthy PA. Yes that is no doubt. But what she is doing as a candidate? Lots of people are much better candidate for DAP.

We pray to Jesus that Dyana will not win Teluk Intan. We hope that Malaysians can see her true self. Is this a particular affirmative action that Lim Kit Siang implementing in DAP? Is DAP trying to create their very own Bumiputera quotas?

Don't vote for Dyana. Or you'll be sorry. 

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