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In Allah We Trust
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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

This article about hudud is taken form the Mole.Com

 The implementation of hudud would only bring great human rights disaster in Malaysia.

Speaking to The Mole political scientist Dr Wong Chin Huat said it is hard to imagine how hudud is going to be implemented in Malaysia apart from its disastrous effect.

Wong Chin HuatWong Chin Huat“It is hard for me to see how we are going to carry out the punishments as the Governments of Saudi Arabia, Iran and Pakistan performed it on its citizens.”

“I don’t think Malaysians can handle that (punishment) well. Be it for Muslims or non-Muslims, we are not that selfish. Compassion among us goes beyond religions.”

Wong who is also a political activist was commenting on the implementation of hudud in countries like Saudi Arabia, Iran and Pakistan which had drawn protests from international communities and human rights groups, describing the punishments meted out as "barbaric" and "inhuman".

Syed Akbar Ali in his blog Outsyedthe box posted several incidences of hudud being implemented in Iran, Somalia and Saudi Arabia. The posting gave details on how the punishments were meted out including the stoning to death for sex offenders whereby their head were horrifyingly stoned to pulp.

Wong however qualified his opposition to hudud: "I am not saying the law is bad as we know it is based on Islamic but I need to be convinced how would the proposed hudud in our country be better than them?”

He said most of the cases in other countries were vague and had caused injustice to mostly children and women.

He also said generally Muslims and non-Muslims are more receptive to Islamic concepts, as evidenced in their support for in Islamic financing and banking. However, Wong added in the case of hudud, people needed to be convinced it would be carried out justly.

Wong also added it is wrong for people to say that hudud has nothing to do with the non-Muslims because the implementation of it will affect the whole country.

Suaram president K. ArumugamSuaram president K. ArumugamSuara Rakyat Malaysia (Suaram) president K. Arumugan said the punishment in hudud is so harsh that it would only make it difficult for the people to accept it.

"Essentially it violates human rights by saying that only certain group will be punished - in this case only Muslims will be subjected to the law.

"Furthermore, the burden of proving one's innocence is so hard that it makes it almost impossible toi find justice in the law."

Islamic activist and Harakah Daily columnist Dr Ahmad Farouk Musa said the implementation of hudud will create chaos to both Muslims and non-Muslims.

“Firstly we have to understand that not only non-Muslims oppose this law, but the Muslims as well. If it is going to be implemented, do you think those who disagree to it would be quiet seeing the harsh punishments meted to the offenders?”

Saying that the punishment varies from one interpretation to another, the harshness of its punishment would only cause fear among the public said Dr Ahmad.

"However, it does not guarantee the crime rate would be reduced. Hudud and its punishment are almost inapplicable to our condition in today's modern society,” Dr Ahmad added.

Political scientist Dr Jeniri Amir echoed similar sentiments.

“Even though hudud has been implemented in other countries, I don’t think it will be easy for Malaysians to agree to it.”

"Malaysians who are generally peace-loving people will find it hard to absorb such brutality, even if it's meant to punish,” Jeniri said.

Syed Akbar, the president of Bloghouse Malaysia in his postingrecently argued that the punishment in hudud, such as stoning to death was not even stated in Quran.

He had posted how hudud had always been Pas' goal.

“I believe this punishment is very cruel. If we are exposed to this kind of punishment every day, gradually Malaysians will become inhumane,” he said when contacted today.

Syed Akbar also said previously Kelantan chief minister Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat was asked on how the punishment would be carried out and who would be responsible for it to which Nik Abdul Aziz replied the State Government would use their “gedebe” (gangsters).

“It shows that even a normal human being would not want or able to carry the punishment. Is this a righteous thing to do?”

Syed Akbar added hudud is not uniformed and in its interpretation varies according to sect (mazhab).

“My question is simple, which version of hudud do we want to follow in Malaysia. God's or man-made?”

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