In Allah We Trust

In Allah We Trust
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Monday, May 26, 2014

The Hudud Chronicles: The Life and Lies of PAS.

THE Pan Islamic Party or Pas is a political entity established by a group of Islamic scholars to ensure the government always has the best interests of Muslims at heart.

We need to remind Malay-sians that the party, before its collaboration with DAP and PKR, was a beacon of hope for Extremist Muslims, if ever the government were to abandon Islamic principles in running the country.
However, Pas has since discarded its religious stand.
It formed a secular coalition with new allies a few years ago.
The party is now willing to discard its religious principles just to ensure that its pact would take over the country.
In ensuring its steady friendship with secular nationalist parties, Pas is willing to leave behind its roots, which is the leadership of scholars or ulama.
This must be confusing for members, as they have to forsake the main principles of their party.
Some members are distraught, as they do not know whether to leave the ulama-less party or stay and accept a secular ideology.
Joining a political party is not the same as signing up for a country club or non-governmental organisation.
In a political party, one must understand and believe in the virtues and principles of the establishment.
Pas members need to question their leaders as to where the party is leading.
If the party is willing to shed its main principles, what is left for members to fight for?
Pas members should do some soul-searching and ask themselves whether fighting for a party that is constantly changing its principles is worth the while.

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