In Allah We Trust

In Allah We Trust
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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Attacks On Malaysian Christian On Muhammad Birthday.

Letters from Muhammad To Christians. 

We do not know what is happening in our Malaysia. Religious unity is being maliciously attacked each and everyday. Malaysia once took pride of its multicultural heritage, but now it seems that everyone is doing their best to ensure that we will be divided and prejudice is spread through out the nation.

With all due respect, this is not an article to attack your prophet Muhammad, this is an article to condemn those who use the prophets birthday to launch an all out attack towards other religion especially Christianity. In yesterday's "Maulidur Razul" event, many pro-Government Muslim Leaders took a swing at the Christian, especially in the issue of the Jais Bible Raid and the Usage of The Word Allah by non-Muslims. They use the birth of their saviour, in trying to attack Christians and other pro-democracy movement.

They even created a story where a Christian supposedly attended the "Maulid Mass" wearing shirts written with the name of Christ. The story was even picked up by many Pro-Government blogger. And according to their side of the tale, the said "teenager" was chased out from the mosque by those who attended the birthday of their beloved prophet. .

We condemn the act of provocation by people such as this particular Pro-Government blogger. We hope that the blogger nicknamed as Azmi Awang Kelana Jaya should repent for defaming Christianity.

 This is obviously a trick to enraged the whole Muslim population so that they will hate the Christians in Malaysia.

We do not know who is the culprit of this monstrosity, however, we hope that these people who wore the shirt of Churches to provoked Christians in Malaysia will be dealt with by the hand of God Himself.

Nothing good will come out of this provocation. We the Admin of CU4M condemn these act of provocation by our Muslim friends. If the Muslim in this country still value the friendship that we have built all these years, we insist that this act must be stopped immediately.

In conjunction of the Prophet's birthday, we would like to ask our Muslim friend to think of their own prophet before attacking Christians. Maybe they forgot that the Prophet Muhammad protected Christians during his reign as the King of Saudi Arabia.

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