In Allah We Trust

In Allah We Trust
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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Marina Vs Mahathir is equal to Moses Vs Pharaoh


This post is a tribute to Datin Paduka Marina Mahathir for her ongoing support of Christians throughout these years. She is one tough lady and we wish her the very best in her life. We will also pray that all her wishes will be granted by Allah and she lead a happy life with her family.

Mahathir Vs Marina

Datin Paduka Marina Mahathir is the daughter of the infamous Tun Dr Mahathir. All that we can say is that she is not her father's daughter. Marina has been critical of the government and racist policies that the government had adapt since the Mahathir Era. However, because of her respect of her father, she kept quite until Tun Dr. Mahathir stepped down as the Prime Minister. Now after her father is no longer the Prime Minister, Datin Paduka Marina has risked it all to ensure Malaysian enjoy the freedom that we all deserve.

Mahathir dubbed as the Pharaoh of Malaysia is the epitome of ego and lust of power. In a way Mahathir has never left his position as the Prime Minister of this country.

Yes, he may build big buildings that can make any man marvel at the technologies. Yes, he is the economic saviour of our land. Yes, he managed to built a industrial nation, but at what expense?

Now, the time has changed, Marina is going all out to save us all. She knows that the government cant touch her. Now she is helping her fellow Malaysians. She acts just like Moses who stand against the Pharaoh, even though the Pharaoh was the one who nurtured and took great care of Moses.

Marina Mahathir with the Pharaoh and his innocent wife. 

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