In Allah We Trust

In Allah We Trust
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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

The Malaysian Crusade: UMNO against Christians in Malaysia?

Despite having Christian members inside of one of the most powerful political parties in Malaysia, UMNO's recent foray attacking Christians in Malaysia is just to much to be tolerated.

We at the CU4M condemns any action, that will destroy the sanctity of Article 11 of the Federal Constitution in Malaysia. UMNO leaders should understand, as the "big brother" in Barisan Nasional they need to be more sensitive about making statements.

UMNO Delegates making Police report on the usage of the word "Allah"
What if we the Christian of Malaysia would deprive our Muslims brothers and sisters their rights to pray in our shopping Mall and many Christian or non muslim owned establishment? Will they be angry? The same goes to us. Just let us be. We are not bothering anyone at all. Stop attacking the Christians.

However, if they tried to test us again all of these UMNO freaks of nature will fail! They are an abomination, and it is God's will that we the Christian of Malaysia will do what we can to preserve our faith.

Justice Through Unity! Unity Through Faith!

Lawan Tetap Lawan!

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