In Allah We Trust

In Allah We Trust
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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Malaysian And Complaints: Stay Calm And Be Fair To All.

It is crucial for each and every one of us Malaysians understand the true meaning of freedom of expression and the freedom of religion.  Recently we have seen a lot of misunderstandings that leads to prejudicial and racist perception being spread in our nation. We should bear in mind that these incidents do not only incite hatred among the people of Malaysia, but it is also created a chain effect which will destroy not only the religious tolerance in our country but also will disrupt the economic, peace and stability of our homeland.
                In the light of recent events, we want to ask those who are in power of this beloved country to strengthen up and promote racial and religious harmony in order to protect the sanctity of each and every religion and race in Malaysia.  We could never deny the existence of racism in every nook and corners but the absence of tolerance in the authority shall be the greatest factor that will contribute in the declining of social stability amongst Malaysians.
A Malay Tree Top Restaurant being demolished by local council in Penang. 

                To be fair, prejudice and racism exist not only in Barisan Nasional led government but also in the Pakatan Rakyat states which we can see is on the rise daily. Yes, the ruling Federal Government has its flaws in administrating the country while those who are in power of Penang and Selangor has also has its fair share of intolerance to a particular race especially in Penang.

The Selangor PBT Destroying A Temple in Sepang, Selangor. 

                We know for a fact the many of the BN policies are ruining the concept of Malaysian Malaysia that we all yearn for, but the absence of tolerance in PR states is truly baffling as they were the one who advocates freedom and equality. It doesn’t matter if you are a Chinese, Malays, Indians or from other races in this country. You must have the rights to live the life that you want. To go where you want to go and to do what you want to do as long as it is not against any laws.
                We must stop all type of racial discrimination and prejudice among our fellow countrymen. We too have to understand that being a Malaysian as we are now, we must show our very own capability to respect and tolerate each other.
                Do not create sentiments that will lead to the destruction of our very own existence. For those who think that Barisan Nasional is the problem, or Pakatan Rakyat is the enemy, then we must understand that we are too the cause of the problem. These political entities cannot do what they do if we the “rakyat” do not support them. The fact that they are there making the same mistakes over and over again is a sign that we are not capable of choosing our own leaders. You can say that you do not vote for any of the corrupt leaders, but the fact of the matter still remains clear. Whether you support a particular party or not everything starts and ends with you.
                Look at yourself, in the mirror and ask yourself, what good deeds I did for my country today. Did I help anyone or prevent anything bad from happening? Or did I complaint on every single thing that is happening in my country? Regardless of your action or inaction, we have our self to be blamed for anything that happens in this country. Try not to complaint so much…   Be thankful…. May God Bless Us All…

Sister Josephine Dubois Lim
Assistant Editor
Christian United For Malaysia

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