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In Allah We Trust
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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Mahathir the Anti-Christ?

Non-Muslims insisting on the use of the word 'Allah' in Peninsular Malaysia are creating “tension between religions’ said former Prime Minister  Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad (pic).
He said non-Muslims in the peninsula did not traditionally use Allah in their worship and should not be asking to be allowed to use it now.

"Our view before was people who already use it can continue doing so, but why bring it to the peninsula? It's never used (in the peninsula) anyway," he said today commenting on the Court of Appeal ruling that the Herald was not allowed to use the word Allah in its weekly publication as it was not an integral part of the Christian faith and practice.
On the goods and services tax (GST) Dr Mahathir advised the government that it should take a staggered approach to introducing it, so as to ease the pain of price hikes.
He called on the government to be judicious in its spending, considering the budget deficit, and to spend on things that will generate tax revenue.
“If we reduce subsidies but our spending is not controlled, then it has no effect. For example, the Bantuan Rakyat 1Malaysia... costs RM1.5 billion. That is money spent,” he said. - October 18, 2013.

*** This senile old former PM should know his boundaries. Mahathir Mohammad is no longer the PM but maybe in his senile mind he still thinks he is the Prime Minister of Malaysia. How dare him insults us on his racist statement against Christian in Malaysia. If Christian in Sabah and Sarawak can do it, how can we the Christian of this part of the country cannot. 

Mahathir should mind his language, he is a senile old man and must not be allowed to speak in such manner to the people of this country. Maybe we should send a few Unit Amal members to shut him up. 


  1. Dr M should bow of our politics gracefully rather than spew venom every time he opens his mouth. He is only making things worse with his thoughtless and insensitive remarks that are rubbing everybody the wrong way. Why did he ditch his premiership in the first place? Why did he break down and cry? He knows what a failure he was. Even he admitted he had failed to change his people. He is not bringing about anything good with his statements - just more bitterness and anger across the board.

  2. Dr M was hardly a model of integrity, compassionate or diplomacy when he governed Malaysia. He introduced corruption, cronyism and nepotism in a big way in the name of development. Education suffered under his rule... our financial situation was rocky and the people feared him for his draconian ISA laws which he used freely against us. If there is anyone causing 'tension' between the people, it’s Dr M himself.

  3. under the state laws passed in 1988, there are 34 terms that non muslim are prohibited to use which Allah is one of them.
    so Jais is just doing its job under its purview.
    perhaphs the federal government can intervene by advicing selangor to return back the bibles that are meant for sabahans and sarawakians who reside here.
    you have to remember that religious affair comes under purview of each state and not under the federal government.
    so what dr m was uttering is correct because he knows the law and understand very well what was happening back then when selangor passed the law.

  4. With due respect, Dr M, please get advise from your daughter Marina. Being racist in this country only divides it further. If you want a united Malaysia, then be fair to all Malaysians. You created bigotry, corruption & cronyism. Perhaps, you should learn about love, compassion, respect and humility from the lady who made you a father.

    As for the bible raid, JAIS has no authority in law to enter the premises of non-Muslim religious establishments for inspection, search or raid, unless it is related to attempts to propagate non-Islamic religions to Muslims. There is no proof of propagation of Christianity on Muslims in this case. The Al Kitab & Bup Kudus were for the Christian's use. JAIS's act was indeed arrogant, uncalled for & has created major religious tensions. There is no point for JAIS to keep quiet now & say "they need space to investigate" because investigations must be done BEFORE the raid (or the need to raid)! JAIS also has the disease most politicians have here - Foot In Mouth!